Public Sector

Since the commencement of the CUA 10410 (2010) contract, AMARecruit personnel have been actively involved in delivering Recruitment and Human Resource Consultancy Services to several Western Australian government departments.  During this period, the AMARecruit team have been required to consistently demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the regulatory framework that applies to recruitment in the WA public sector through the implementation of commitment to policy and process; as well as complying with legislative requirements in the context of professional service delivery.
AMARecruit provides Human Resource support to WA state and local government authorities, in line with Public Sector Standards and Local Government Acts with regard to recruitment, selection and appointment. Through effective, ongoing stakeholder consultation and engagement, these services have been undertaken and delivered to a high level, meeting the expectations of the client at all times.
Our team of highly experienced consultants provide extensive support based on years of experience in commitment to employment services from individual appointments, graduate and pool recruitment through to large employment assignments across all levels within the public sector. This also includes Senior Executive Service (SES) and Board selections. 
Our consultants have considerable experience in working with our Public Sector partners, carrying out responsibilities such as: 
  • Developing inclusive project briefs 
  • Creating and managing appropriate advertising campaigns
  • Managing enquiries and offering job specific information to candidates on behalf of the Department or Agency 
  • Ongoing candidate liaison and communication Well conducted pre-screening and initial short-listing processes 
  • Comprehensive preliminary assessment of applications against essential selection criteria to offer insight into candidate suitability for the Selection Panel 
  • Appropriate preparation of interview questions and presentations to ensure consistency and maximum value
  • Interview participation as a voting panel member, the designated Convenor or in a non-voting capacity as a scribe and facilitator
  • Conducting comprehensive reference checks that are established specifically for each position to ensure complete understanding of a candidate’s skills and cultural alignment to the team
  • Preparation of thorough selection reports, incorporating detailed interview reports if preferred 
  • Providing feedback and advice to successful and unsuccessful candidates and assisting in negotiations pertaining to the appointment of preferred candidates

AMARecruit’s skilled consultants utilise clear, transparent processes to ensure an objective audit trail is available throughout each assignment. When assessing information, they complete logical comparisons of data using a rating scale to clearly highlight their approach. Consultants regularly consult with their clients and provide progress updates to ensure project clarity and equanimity.  

Whilst taking into consideration such principles, our consultants are aware that Departments and Agencies have differing needs and objectives. They are therefore able to implement flexibility to ensure individual client needs are met throughout each consignment. 
AMARecruit recognises privacy and confidentiality as a fundamental part of all assignments and adheres to these requirements unequivocally. Strict confidentiality is maintained with all candidates at all times. By utilising AMARecruit’s significant Public Sector expertise, our partners can feel confident that the most thorough process will be carried out every time we are engaged to support a project.  

Please download the brochure for more information on our services or contact us. If you would like to discuss how AMARecruit can provide support to your Agency, please call Yvette McQueen, Public Sector Recruitment Contract Lead, directly on 0418 848 503.


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